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1. – Can any patient carry out the phytotherapeutic treatment?

Yes, despite time and advancement of the illness, the optimum results are evident in those patients with only a few years of progression.

Patients with many years of progression display muscle atrophy due to the lack of function; for those receiving medical care by way of the phytotherapeutic treatment stop the advancement of the disease and with correct rehabilitation and hard work can regain motor functions.

IMPORTANT NOTE! : Phytotherapeutic treatment in women who are pregnant is not recommended.

2. - Do I have to leave my current treatment?

Dr. Ayrad as well as his medical team, never propose that the patient leave the conventional treatment, patients take the responsibility of leaving it on their own.

3. – Does the phytotherapeutic treatment cause adverse effects?

No, it is completely natural and harmless.

4. – Do I have to comply with the nutritional diet change?

Yes, during treatment. However, after completing treatment it is up to the patient.

5. – Do I have to continue rehabilitation after finishing the treatment?

Always. Because the body, once the cause of the disease is removed, continues to regenerate the tissues lost (e.g. the myelin sheath)

6. – Do I have to continue with the dietary supplements?

Yes. Perhaps less daily doses, without forgetting that these furnish essential nutrients to the body.

7. – What can happen during treatment?

One can experience relapses of the symptoms caused by the burden of STRESS due to various reasons. Patient recuperates from these relapses over a few days.

NOTA: Care must be taken to avoid abrupt changes in AMBIENT TEMPERATURE. Prevention of SEASONAL VIRAL ILLNESS during weather changes (e.g. flu).

The herbs are approved by the Argentine Ministry of Health.

Aetiological or casual agent

Multiple Sclerosis has always been classified as a demyelinating pathology caused by the immune system the is to say, an autoimmune disease.

At present, according to scientific information, the hint is that a virus might be the causal agent of the disease.

Our thoughts with respect to autoimmune pathologies is that they are always named like this because their aetiological agent is idiopathic (unknown).
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Interview of Dr. Ayrad Omar by Claudio Dominguez.

First interview by Claudio Dominguez of Dr. Ayrad where the doctor tells us by way of introduction what the phytotherapeutic treatment is all about.
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