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There is an effective way to improve your quality of life

Dr. Omar Ayrad is achieving excellent results in the treatment against multiple sclerosis based on a cocktail of herbal medicines (phytotherapy).

Dr. Ayrad Omar is a medical doctor graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1986, MN: 72,945, whom since then has been devoted to scientific research in the area of phytopharmacology, successfully treating several diseases with treatments 100% natural based on medicinal herbs. He has dedicated himself especially to the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, through a formula of proven results, sharing experiences with professionals of the stature of Dr. Risolía professor of the pharmacology department of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires and Dr. Manuel Castro, a renowned worldwide neurosurgeon.

Dr. Ayrad, having for many years treated patients suffering from HIV - AIDS, found that the virus HTV1 was the cause of MS and developed a phytotherapeutic treatment based on natural herbs native to Argentina and Africa (approved by the Argentine Ministry of Public Health ) which have no side effects, or adverse effects, or medicative interaction.

Dr. Ayrad Omar has been invited to many radio and television programs in Argentina and Uruguay, and his work has also been published in Brazil, to explain the advancement of the phytotherapeutic treatment in chronic and degenerative neurological disorders.

A step forward for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

In the early stages, trials carried out on Multiple Sclerosis patients achieved very good documented results; with a very high percentage of positive results in treated patients, depending on the progression rate of the disease, this can be divided into three groups of patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

GROUP ONE: Patients of up to two years from the initial diagnosis of MS: Remission in 99% of the disease and it’s sensory and motor symptoms.

GROUP TWO: Patients with two to five years of progression: arrest in the advancement of motor, sensory and ocular disorders. In patients suffering muscular and sensory dystrophy recovery in some cases is very high during treatment; in others recovery is likewise in the months thereafter.

GROUP THREE: Patients with five or more years of evolution: Progression of the disease is stopped but it is not possible to guarantee recovery of their atrophy. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the degree of deterioration that MS has caused, and rehabilitation therapies that the patient has carried out.

Results of the treatment according to affected areas:

Swallowing and breathing:
Recovery of the functions in cases within GROUP ONE AND TWO. Cases within GROUP THREE improvement between 50% and 80%.

Digestive System:
Quick recovery of the intestinal passage and evacuation.

Recovery of the muscle tone over time. One must always take into account the difference between dystrophy and atrophy; increases muscle elasticity.

Recovery for those who have lost their color vision. And for those with double vision recovery is very high.

Dr. Omar Ayrad
MN: 72.945


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Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 17:30 hours in Argentina. Or leave a message.


Interview of Dr. Ayrad Omar by Claudio Dominguez.

First interview by Claudio Dominguez of Dr. Ayrad where the doctor tells us by way of introduction what the phytotherapeutic treatment is all about.
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