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Medical team.

Omar Ayrad (MN:72.945)
Dr. Ayrad Omar is a medical doctor who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1986, MN: 72,945, since then he has dedicated himself to scientific research in the area of phytopharmacology, successfully treating several diseases with treatments 100% natural, based on medicinal herbs. He has dedicated himself especially to the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, through a formula of proven results, sharing experiences with professionals of the stature of Dr. Risolía professor of the pharmacology department of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires and Dr. Manuel Castro, a worldwide renowned neurosurgeon.

For many years Dr. Ayrad having treated patients suffering from HIV - AIDS, found that the virus HTV1 was the cause of MS and developed a phytotherapeutic treatment based on natural herbs native to Argentina and Africa (approved by the Argentine Ministry of Public Health ) which have no side effects, or adverse effects, or medicative interaction.

Alcides Nardone (MN:37.810)

Name: Alcides NARDONE
Specialty: Anesthesiologist
Professional Matriculation: 37810
Skilled in: Pain Management - Palliative Medicine

He is currently Coordinator of Palliative Medicine at the Hospital de Agudos de la CABA

He has been invited by Dr. Ayrad, to join the medical team since his specialty is essential to those patients in need of pain relief due to the characteristics of the disease and its progression.

Lic. Elsa Santos (MN:8.608)

Name: Elsa SANTOS
Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Professional Matriculation: 8.608

Elsa Santos graduate from the JFKennedy University in 1977, she holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, a PhD in childhood and adolescence, head university teacher at the Faculty of Psychology of Personality. Doctorate in speech therapy, trained at Viktor Frankl Foundation. Currently belongs to the permanent staff of the Fernandez Hospital, and also works at the Ramos Mejia Hospital, in the Programmatic Area, she has an active and committed participation in the treatment of patients with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, collaborating with Dr. Omar Ayrad and his team professionals.


0054 02322 49 5585
Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 17:30 hours in Argentina. Or leave a message.

From other countries,
0054 11 4361-2974
Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 17:30 hours in Argentina. Or leave a message.


Interview of Dr. Ayrad Omar by Claudio Dominguez.

First interview by Claudio Dominguez of Dr. Ayrad where the doctor tells us by way of introduction what the phytotherapeutic treatment is all about.
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