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These are spontaneous statements from patients who in gratitude chose to share their experiences after carrying out the treatment.

Testimony of Juan Papp

My name is John Papp, I am 43 years old, a dentist, married with two beautiful children. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004. After the confirmation of the diagnosis in September 2004, the medical neurologist Dr. Fernando Caceres (INEBA) began the treatment as follows.

At first he told me about a synthetic substance, 20 mg. that I had to take with a subcutaneous injection once a day and then INTERFERON, also with a subcutaneous injection three times a week.

It was a raffle which was carried out where the protocol allocated one of these two drugs and I won the raffle for the drug interferon. Note: I never did get to know how the raffle was done.

On the 19th October 2004 I had the first application of interferon and the funniest thing I remember that day, is that Dr. Caceres and part of his team lit a candle to give me luck.
A few days later I had an appointment with Dr. Caceres and took the opportunity to tell him my doubts as to the medication that they were giving me (injected Interferon). My uncertainty was: If the injection doesn’t cure me, why inject me if I run the risk of having adverse effects?
The response of Dr. Caceres was: Juan, Interferon is like an umbrella if it drizzles it serves its purpose if it rains hard you will get your feet wet (he was referring to outbreaks of the disease or progression). Today I'm cured.

The idea of my testimony is to share my experience with all those diagnosed with MS, their relatives and friends to tell them from the heart and with no other intention but to help them overcome this illness and to convey to them that today for me there is hope for patients suffering from MS.

At this moment when so many diseases have appeared of ideopathic origin, it’s good to know that, although many neurologists say that MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous system, degenerative and has no cure, Omar Ayrad an Argentine doctor, has been developing a phytotherapeutic (i.e. based on a natural medication) treatment for several years with which many patients are recovering and others, can attest to feeling very well.

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Patient: Lorena Gladis Branco ID: 24820341

- What were your symptoms; date of final diagnosis; attending physician and place of treatment?
I had dizziness, instability when walking, diplopia, beginnings of facial paralysis. The date of diagnosis was December 2005.

The Doctors who treated me at that time were Ores, Ariel Luzzi and Rib. Currently my neurologist is Dr. Liliana Patrucco of the Italian Hospital. The place of treatment at that time was the Providence Clinic.

- What was the conventional treatment?

- How did you obtain information obout our treatment?
Through a patient who was undergoing treatment with Dr. Ayrad at the time.

– What’s your condition now?
In general terms good, I still have a slight diplopia, Dr. Ayrad told me that the symptoms are due to my puerperium period.

Patient: Maria Cristina Pierini ID: 10285477

- What were your symptoms, date of final diagnosis; attending physician, and place of treatment?
My symptoms were several, tiredness, fatigue, tingling in the soles of my feet, lack of strength in the legs and a lot of fatigue on days with high humidity. .

I was diagnosed in December 2000 by the neurologist Dr. Edgardo Cristiano at the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires. Currently, I’m being treated by neurologist Dr. Liliana Patrucco also of the Italian Hospital, of which I am a member. .

- What was the conventional treatment?
The only conventional treatment I received was with AVONEX, a weekly application from March 2001 until June 2006.

- How did you respond clinically to the treatment?
With the first applications I had symptoms of fever, extreme bodily pain, during the same day of the injection. I worked until April 2004, but after that it use to take me two days to recover from the effects; that was when I started seriously thinking about leaving the conventional treatment, I was afraid of what might happen to me. I talked about it for two years with my therapist and it was then that I made the decision to abandon the conventional treatment in June 2006.

– How did you obtained information about our treatment?
I had information shortly after the diagnosis, but only in 2005 I was able to contact Dr. Ayrad, through a person whose husband was a football coach for a patient with Multiple Sclerosis.

– What’s your condition now?
Today I feel very good. I started phytotherapeutic treatment in September 2005, I do a lot of rehabilitation (very important), plus I continue with nutritional change and dietary supplements of vitamin-OTC (over the counter).

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From other countries,
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Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 17:30 hours in Argentina. Or leave a message.


Interview of Dr. Ayrad Omar by Claudio Dominguez.

First interview by Claudio Dominguez of Dr. Ayrad where the doctor tells us by way of introduction what the phytotherapeutic treatment is all about.
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