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Phytotherapeutic Procedure by Dr. Omar Ayrad

1 – Obligatory Nutritional Change:
Patient commitment is fundamental, over the course of the treatment, to strictly carry out the diet during 6 months (the time it lasts) to achieve a definite balanced metabolic change in the body.

2 – Phytotherapeutic Treatment:
It is composed of a variety of natural and harmless herbs authorized by the Argentine Ministry of Public Health. This solution shall be prepared by the patient following the indications provided by the medical team. It shall be taken before breakfast 150ml (milliliters) of the solution per day for the duration of treatment.

3 - Natural medication annexed. Dietary Supplements OTC:
They help to reconstitute and balance the patient.

4 .- Rehabilitation: chirography, electro stimulation, neurological kinesiology, moderate physical exercise, swimming.
This will be guided by our professionals because it must be specific to this condition.

5.-Psychological and/or psychiatric control:
It is recommended to avoid stressful situations during the period of treatment.

The commencement of our treatment does not mean that the patient stop taking the various conventional medications prescribed.

Every patient will be taken care of by a personal physician from the medical team of Dr. Omar Ayrad so that he may be consulted once a month during the treatment at a designated time and date via internet or telephone. The patient will also be able to choose psychotherapeutic care by Elsa Santos, graduate in psychology, if necessary.

The commencement of any treatment requires as a condition the dispatch of the latest studies carried out by the patient, sent by any means deemed to be suitable depending on its origin and /or opportunity, to control and put together the patient’s medical history.

Normally medical evaluations and controls are carried out as follows:

1st Consultation (delivery of the latest studies carried out by the patient in order to put together the case history).
Fresh medical examination in 90 days.
Fresh medical supervision in 180 days after initiating treatment.


0054 02322 49 5585
Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 17:30 hours in Argentina. Or leave a message.

From other countries,
0054 11 4361-2974
Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 17:30 hours in Argentina. Or leave a message.


Interview of Dr. Ayrad Omar by Claudio Dominguez.

First interview by Claudio Dominguez of Dr. Ayrad where the doctor tells us by way of introduction what the phytotherapeutic treatment is all about.
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